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72 hour heat pack. picture of the front label.

72 Hour Heat Pack - Cold Weather Shipping

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72 Hour Heat Pack - Cold Weather Shipping

72 Hour Heat Packs  are a great way to guarantee the safe arrival of any order containing perishable items. The average transit time of most orders will range from 2-3 days, depending your location and shipping method. Temperature is critical whenever you are dealing with live organisms in transit. To make sure your order arrives safely; Please check your local forecast before hand, and add a heat pack to your order if you are in a location experiencing temperatures bellow 50 degrees.

A 72 Hour Heat Pack should be added to any order containing perishable, or live, organisms (clean up crew or live plants) going to a location experiencing temperatures below 50 Degrees F. 
* We cannot offer any guarantees for organisms shipped without a heat pack during the winter / cold months. Please note that we are located in Ohio and will need to added a heat pack to any order being shipped during the late Fall, winter and, and early spring seasons.
* Any order containing live organisms that does not have a 72 hour heat pack added to order will be contacted before shipping to have a heat pack added to the order; at an additional charge before shipping.