Armadillidium vulgare albino 'T Positive' - Isopod on cork bark.
Armadillidium vulgare albino 'T Positive' - Isopod eating a chunk of carrot.
Armadillidium vulgare albino 'T Positive' - Isopod on cork bark with moss underneath.
Armadillidium vulgare albino 'T Positive' - Isopods on a piece of cork bark.
Armadillidium vulgare albino 'T Positive' - Isopod.

Armadillidium vulgare albino 'T Positive' - Isopod

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Armadillidium vulgare albino'T Positive' - Isopod

 T-positive” albino, or Tyrosinase Positive albino, relates to the presence of an enzyme that aids in the synthesis of melanin within the coloration of these isopods. Meaning that it is not possible for them to produce the traditional black melanin coloration seen in the typical vulgare species. However, the presence of Tyrosinase allows these isopods to produce some darker pigments that result in shades of orange and purple. Aside from their incredible color, these isopods are exactly the same in growth and reproduction as Armadillidium vulgare. These stunning isopods almost glow with a yellowish green coloration. Making them one of our favorite isopods!

The genus Armadillidium, also known as the roly-poly or true pill bug, will form a characteristic ball when scared or threatened. There are dozens of species that primarily occur throughout the Mediterranean, Europe, the Americas and temperate zones. The smooth domed exterior will vary in color based on the species, but will usually come in shades of light gray to dark gray with additional accenting colors. Armadillidum maculatum and klugii are two of the most popular and vibrantly colored species in cultivation. These small to medium sized isopods will grow to be ½”+ in length and will reproduce at a slow to moderate level once established in your setup. Some species like A. granulatum, A. maculatum, and A. vulgare will grow even larger and exceed ½” in length.

  • You will receive a mixture of adults and juveniles / manca.
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