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Cork Bark Flats for terrarium decoration or mounting orchids and plants.
Natural Cork Bark Flat with lichen. For terrariums and mouting plants.

Cork Bark - Flats

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Cork Bark - Flats



Cork Bark comes from the Cork Oak tree (Quercus suber) that is native to the Mediterranean, southwestern Europe, and northwestern Africa. The bark is carefully harvested by hand every 7-10 years, in a sustainable way that does not damage the tree. It is light weight and naturally resistant to moisture, which makes it ideal to use for terrariums backgrounds, decoration, or for mounting orchids and other tropical plants. Our cork is sold by the pound / piece, and is available in both Flats and Tubes (branches). We will also be adding some of our custom made planters / orchid mounts so be sure to check back as these hand made pieces will be listed, and sold, individually!


  • Sold by the pound / # - Please contact us if you need a certain dimension. 
  • Pictures show examples of the pieces for sale.
  • All natural - Safe for terrariums and use around animals.