Two Cubaris murina ‘Little Sea’ Isopods on cork.
Adult Cubaris murina ‘Little Sea’ Isopod with manca.
Head on view of Cubaris murina ‘Little Sea’ Isdpod.
Group of Cubaris murina ‘Little Sea’ Isopods on cork with moss in the background.

Cubaris murina ‘Little Sea’ Isopod

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Cubaris murina ‘Little Sea’

Cubaris murina ‘Little Sea’ is a small to medium sized isopod in the family Armadillidae that will growth up to 3/8” in length. These isopods will curl into a ball when threaten, but have a softer shells than isopods in the genus Armadillidium. They will reproduce at a slow to moderate rate once established in your setup.

Cubaris murina are gray in color with two characteristic orange colored dashes on their rear segments (pleon). Juveniles, or manca, can appear lighter in color but this will darken as they mature. They can be very shy and will spend a majority of their time at, or just below, the surface of the soil.

  • You will receive a mixture of adults and juveniles / manca.
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