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Overhead view of a Rabbit's Foot Fern.
Close up of Rabbit's Foot Fern frond.
Compound leaves of Dvallia tyermanii, white paw fern.
Profile view of Davallia tyermanii leaves and rhizome.
Close up of the hairs growing on Davallia tyermanii rhizome.

Davallia tyermanii - Rabbit Foot's Fern

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Davallia tyermanii - Rabbit Foot's Fern

Davallia tyermanii, commonly known as the Rabbit Foot's or White Paw Fern, grows a rhizome that is covered in white hairs.  Which makes it resemble a rabbit's foot. This easy to grow fern prefers bright indirect light. It will not only grow along the surface of the soil, but will also take root into backgrounds and tree limbs as an Epiphyte. The delicate fronds will grow 6-10" long, cascading around the plants as it grow.

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