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Group of Drosera tokaiensis plants
Drosera tokaiensis plants
Drosera tokaiensis plant with moss
Drosera tokaiensis plants

Drosera tokaiensis – Sundew

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Drosera tokaiensis – Sundew

Drosera tokaiensis is a great beginner Sundew. Drosera, or Sundews, are carnivorous plants that have evolved to be able to trap and digest prey on the surface of their leaves. The leaves produce small droplets of nectar and an adhesive substance. One set lures the prey to the plant while the other set makes sure that whatever lands on the surface of leaf will get stuck and eventually exhaust itself. Both form a beautiful covering of “dew” over the surface of the leaf that will catch sunlight and make the plant look even more attractive to prey that may pass by.
Drosera tokaiensis will grow to be 1-2” in diameter and form large clumps or mats over time. Almost like the popular succulent Sempervivum ‘Hens and Chicks’. Plants should be grown between 65-85 degrees in a shallow tray of clean water, 1-2” deep, under bright lighting conditions. Over time you will have a breath taking display of plants to propagate from via seed or division. If your taking division from your plant. Wait until the small plant-lets that form around the base are at least 1/3 the size of the main parent plant. This allows the plant to start forming its own root system before being separated. The roots of Sundews, like Venus Flytraps, are hair like and very sparse. There are typically 3-5 roots per plant and a several species will even produce small plant-lets from their trailing root system. Leaf pulling(s) and seed production are also viable means of propagation.
* Multiple Plant Size - Will have and adult Drosera tokaiensis with several offsets (3-4) growing in one pot.
Sundews (Drosera sp.)
Sundews can be found worldwide. They are commonly spotted in permanently wet locations with nutrient poor soil, typically alongside other carnivorous plants. All sundews are sticky-leafed plants that catch and digest their prey completely on the surface of their leaf. Being one of the most diverse groups of carnivorous plants, their leaves, flowers and growth habits will vary greatly among the different species.
General Home Care: Should be kept indoors, under bright light unless their natural habitat can be created outside. Keep plants in a shallow dish of water, 1-2cm deep at all times. Water should only be distilled or rainwater to avoid nutrient buildup in the soil. While soil recipes vary, a common mixture of peat and sand can be used for a majority of the species.
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