Group of Dwarf White Isopods crawling in the substrate.
Close-up of two dwarf white isopods, trichorhina tormentosa.
Close-up of Dwarf white isopods, trichorhina tormentosa, adults and juveniles / manca.
Dwarf white isopods, trichorhina tormentosa.

Dwarf White Isopod - Trichorhina tormentosa

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Dwarf White Isopod - Trichorhina tormentosa

Trichorhina tormentosa, also known as the Dwarf White Isopod, is one of several dwarf species of isopods used in terrariums. These small, soft bodied, isopods will grow to be a maximum of 1/8’ - 3/16” in length. Making them the ideal choice for poison dart frogs, bio-active setups, and most all terrariums. They will spend most of their time below or at the surface of the soil and will reproduce quickly once established in your setup. Dwarf White isopods, as their name suggests, are white in color but will vary from white to a light yellow or brown coloration depending on the age and diet.

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