Overhead view of Hemionitis arifolia Heart Fern.
Young Heart Fern leaves growing in a 3.25" black plastic pot.
Profile view of Hemionitis arifolia Heart Fern.
Three Heart Fern Leaves.
Close up of Heart Fern Leaf showing vascular system.
Newly formed Heart Fern frond lined with hairs.

Hemionitis arifolia - Heart Fern

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Hemionitis arifolia - Heart Fern

Hemionitis arifolia, or Heart Fern as it is commonly known, grows deep green 2-3" heart shaped leaves. These leaves are supported by a thread-like black stem that. The newly formed leaves are covered in a layer of hairs that eventually spread throughout the leaf, and margins, as it forms. It makes a wonderful addition to any setup or collection and is very easy to grow.


*A 72 hour heat pack will be included to any order containing perishable, or live organisms going to locations experiencing temperatures below 50 Degrees F.

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