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Group of three Magnolia seed pods.
Top view of a group of four Magnolia seed pods.
Close up of a single Magnolia seed pod.
Magnolia seed pod pictured vertically.

Magnolia Seed Pods - Isopod & Terrarium Botanicals

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Magnolia Seed Pods - Isopod & Terrarium Botanicals


Magnolia Seed Pods make a great addition to your isopod culture or terrarium. Their unique shape and texture can add a lot of depth and dimension to your setup. While also providing a food source and hiding places for your clean up crew. One of our favorite things about Magnolia seed pods and leaves is their wonderful aromatic quality. When you open your enclosure it will feel like you just stepped into the forest!


  • Our Magnolia seed pods average 3-4" in length
  • All of our seed pods are sterilized / baked
  • Free from chemicals and pesticides