Nepenthes ‘ventrata’ pitchers
Nepenthes ‘ventrata’ pitcher plant on black background.
Overview of Nepenthes ‘ventrata’ pitcher plant on black background.
Close-up of Nepenthes ‘ventrata’ pitcher.

Tropical Pitcher Plant - Nepenthes ventrata

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Nepenthes ‘ventrata’ - Tropical Pitcher Plant

Nepenthes ‘ventrata’ is an easy to grow, naturally occurring, tropical pitcher plant hybrid between Nepenthes alata x Nepenthes ventricosa. This hybrid is usually sold as Nepenthes alata in greenhouses but is recognized as being a natural hybrid and not a pure line of Nepenthes alata. Depending on the light levels, the pitchers of Nepenthes ventrata will vary from a greenish orange to deep red with some red dotting on the outside of the pitcher. The pitchers will average in size from 3-5”+ when fully grown.

These plants will grow and vine quickly! Producing a good amount of pitchers and basal growths, offsets that form at the base of the plant. These offsets can eventually be separated from the parent plant or allowed to grow out to create a bushier plant.

* Photos show Small / Medium plants for sale – average 10-14” across

Tropical Pitcher Plant/ Monkey Cup (Nepenthes sp.)

Nepenthes are native to Southeast Asia, Borneo, India, Madagascar and parts of Australia. Often growing in the mountain forests of these areas, experiencing warm days and cool nights. Their pitchers come in a startling variety of shapes and colors, and are some of the largest known to carnivorous plants. Some will have a pitcher volume of up to 2 liters, and have been known to catch small mammals. There are both male and female plants among Nepenthes, which are distinguished by their flowers that have male or female parts on their blooms. The flowers are very small, 2-3mm wide on a very long stem that will vary in length. They have a vining growth habit and some species will also produce both upper and lower pitchers, which will differ in shape.

General Home Care: Nepenthes can be grown in either the home or greenhouse and are typically not suited for terrariums, given their large size. They require low-moderate lighting for 10-14 hours daily, if the lighting is too intense, the leaf will often turn dark red and burn. Temps should be kept between 65-85F throughout the year. Humidity should be kept between 70-90%, unless the plant has been acclimated to a lower level. Nepenthes benefit from a variety of well-drained soils. Coconut husk or a mixture of perlite and long fiber sphagnum moss are good options. Water several times a week with distilled or rainwater. You can fertilize the Nepenthes once every 4-6 weeks with a diluted orchid fertilizer. DO NOT OVER-FERTILIZE! Be sure to flush the soil regularly to avoid a buildup of salts and minerals.


*A 72 hour heat pack will be included to any order containing perishable, or live organisms going to locations experiencing temperatures below 50 Degrees F.