Group of Pocrcellio Leavis – 'Orange' - Isopods.
Pocrcellio Leavis – 'Orange' - Isopod.
Profile view of Pocrcellio Leavis – 'Orange' - Isopod.

Porcellio Laevis – 'Orange' - Isopod

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Porcellio Laevis – 'Orange' - Isopod

Pocrcellio Laevis – Typical (Gray), Dairy Cow, Orange, Milkback

Porcellio Laevis, also known as the smooth or swift isopod, is characterized by the smooth dorsal surface of their shell and found throughout Europe and North America. These medium to large bodied isopods spend most of their time on or at the surface of the soil. Porcellio laevis will grow to between ½” to 3/4” in size and reproduce quickly once established in your setup. Their shells have a smooth texture and come in a variety of colorations or morphs such as; Dairy Cow, Milkback, Orange, Typical (Gray).

  • You will receive a mixture of adults and juveniles / manca.
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