The Carnivorous pitcher plant Sarracenia 'Fat Chance' growing vibrant green pitchers with red veining.
Hairs growing on the interior of the pitchers of Sarracenia 'Fat Chance'.
Example of Sarracenia 'Fat Chance' for sale. Growing in a 3.25" pot.
Profile view of Sarracenia 'Fat Chance'.

Sarracenia ‘Fat Chance’ - Pitcher Plant

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Sarracenia ‘Fat Chance’ - Pitcher Plant

Sarracenia ‘Fat Chance’ is a cultivar / hybrid of the North American Pitcher Plant - Sarracenia purpurea. The pitchers typically have a green base color with beautiful red veins running through the leaf. Under bright lighting the pitchers can turn an almost maroon red coloration which is also spectacular. These plants will grow to form large rosettes / clumps of dozens of pitchers over time. Each growing season the plant will produce 6-10” pitchers, with each individual plant reaching 10-14” across.

Sarracenia ‘Fat Chance’ should be grown like other North American Pitcher Plants and be allowed to sit in a shallow tray of 1-2” of clean water throughout the growing season. Our plants receive full sun during the spring and summer and are brought indoors for the fall and winter. These plant require a winter dormancy and will naturally slow down with the shift in light cycle and cooler temperatures of the Fall & Winter season.


*A 72 hour heat pack will be included to any order containing perishable, or live organisms going to locations experiencing temperatures below 50 Degrees F.