Group of three carnivorous pitcher plants Sarracenia 'Yellow Jacket'.
Newly formed pitcher of Sarracenia 'Yellow Jacket'.
New Sarracenia 'Yellow Jacket' leaf growing alongside older pitcher  with bright green and red coloration.
Close up of the hairs lining the interior of Sarracenia 'Yellow Jacket' pitcher.

Sarracenia ‘Yellow Jacket’ - Pitcher Plant

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Sarracenia ‘Yellow Jacket’ is a cultivar / hybrid of the North American Pitcher Plant Sarracenia purpurea. This pitcher plant is known for producing light green to lime colored pitchers under very bright lighting conditions. Most pitcher plants will produce more color with an increase in light, as they are then able to produce the less photosynthetic red pigments. However, Sarracenia ‘Yellow Jacket’ tends to do the opposite and can make a big statement when planted alongside other pitcher plants. These plants will grow to form large rosettes / clumps of dozens of pitchers over time. Each growing season the plant will produce 5-7” pitchers, with each individual plant reaching 6-8” across.