Springtail - Folsomia Candida (Collembola)
Close-up of Springtail - Folsomia Candida (Collembola).
Springtail - Folsomia Candida (Collembola) on charcoal.

Springtail - Folsomia Candida (Collembola)

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Springtail - Folsomia Candida (Collembola)

Folsomia candida, commonly called Springtails, are omnivores and will feed on the decaying organics, mycelia, fungus and mold spores in your terrarium or bio-active setup. These tiny insects will grow to be 2-3mm in length and reproduce very quickly once established in your setup.
Springtails prefer moist conditions and will live and establish themselves in the soil. This will help to not only maintain the quality of the soil, but also increase it by providing the plants with a more readily available source of nutrients. They are also a great food source for small amphibians and reptiles.
Once disturbed, Springtails will “spring” or jump several inches out of the way.
Be careful when handling or opening your culture! We suggest that you open the container in, or over, the terrarium.
Please read before purchasing!
Due to state regulations pertaining to the sale and movement of these organisms, we cannot ship to the following states;
HI & US Territories

*A 72 hour heat pack will be included to any order containing perishable, or live organisms going to locations experiencing temperatures below 50 Degrees F.

**Please note, if ordering multiples of the same species/variety, they will be combined in larger containers. If you would prefer them packed in individual containers, please make a note of it during the checkout process. Thank you!


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