Venezillo parvus 'Typical' - Isopods crawling around the substrate.
Venezillo parvus 'Typical' - Isopod coming out of the substrate.
Venezillo parvus 'Typical' - Isopods on a piece of cork bark with babies (mancae).
Venezillo parvus 'Typical' - Isopods and mancae.

Venezillo parvus 'Typical' - Isopod

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Venezillo parvus 'Typical' - Isopod

Venezillo parvus is a small species of isopod in the family Armadillidae, widely distributed across Europe and North America. These isopods have a hard segmented exterior and display mottled colors ranging from dark brown to light tan. To protect themselves from predators, or when threatened, they will curl up into ball like other isopods in the genus Armadillidium.

This species is very shy and tends to spend a majority of their time burrowed underground like other dwarf species. Their small and burrowing habits make them a great choice for smaller terrariums and can also help to aerate the soil, and consume organics that other larger species cannot get to. Venezillo parvus will grow to an average length of a 1/4”, and reproduce quickly once established.

  • You will receive a mixture of adults and juveniles / manca.
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